From packaging and wobblers to bottles and tubs, consumer goods and advertising comes in a range of mediums and designs. But have you ever thought how they get made? Introducing John Herrod and Associates.

Established in 1963, John Herrod and Associates is a Melbourne based company that’s at the forefront of the printing industry. We began our journey specialising in offset printing on paper. However, in 1988, we evolved our business to printing on plastics and now our core business is in-mould labels. Today, we work with some of the world’s biggest brands, allowing us to be an industry leader producing award-winning work.

With the latest technology in prepress, print and die cutting techniques, and a dedicated team who share a passion for quality and detail, Herrod’s is committed to the highest standard of in-mould label production.

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  • e: herrod--[at]--herrod[dot]com[dot]au